6 Top UK App Developers

UK has been producing some of the top mobile app developers out there in the tech world. The industry has been thriving and is definitely climbing to the top of the world market. When looking to hire a top app developer you can start by identifying the ones that are currently in control in terms of popularity, performance and clientele.

The App Development Sector in the UK

Before we look into the individual app companies we need to look at the industry on a whole in the UK. The industry there has steadily grown over the years until it has been one of the most promising sectors within the region. The industry has only been predicted to continue growing for the years to come. Based on reputable reports, it is expected that the UK market will be steady on its way to being worth above 30 billion pounds in the next decade or so.

You will find most of the developers within the London area as they make up a significant percentage of the European sector. They are quickly being known as the creators behind some of the best performing apps around the world that fall within several different valuable categories.


What to Look For In the Best App Developers

If you need to have a fully functioning app created then you will need to find the most suitable mobile app developers to provide you with this need. In order to do this it is best that you do thorough research into the background of the company. You can have a quick look at the work that they have done and who they have worked with in the past, this will give you an idea of the type of categories that they are good at.

You can also check around to see if anyone would recommend them as a good company so that you can get an idea of how satisfied their clientele is. This is a good way to get an idea of how well a business operates. Whether or not they have the most skilled team available, it is a must that they are able to work well with their clients to achieve a specific need.


6 Top App Developers in the UK


  1. Fueled is an award winning App Company for a reason. They have consistently produced some of the top performing apps on the market and attract the attention of top notch clients like HBO, who contracted them to create an app for the famed series Game of Thrones. Fueled focuses mainly on creating apps within the consumer products category and are very particular on the way they design their products.


  1. 3 Sided Cube is another award winning mobile app Development Company that came away with a best app award from the webby awards last year. Having high profile clients like the Red Cross puts them at the top of the market. They focus more on apps directed towards the health industry, the retail industry and the not for profit sector.


  1. Mubaloo boasts a client base that includes the London air ambulance. They create apps that are typically focused on the finances field. Their apps are designed to work across all the main platforms out there. They also do preliminary services such as code review services and app prototyping.


  1. The App Business produces apps in the business and marketing sectors. They pride themselves in delivering apps that are able to be applied to a range of competencies. They do not stop at app development either, they offer website designs and they are also available for consultation and web hosting.


  1. Apadmi has a fairly large team of employees who come together to create a formidable unit. They have worked with some quite impressive clients such as The BBC, X Factor and The Guardian. Apadmi has certainly created a name for their selves having being recognized as one of the top app development companies in the region. Apadmi creates apps within the media, heath and the retail industries.
  1. Adam White Is one of the top C# developers in the UK, highly sought after with an ever expanding client list, he works solely as a freelancer/contractor. Adam has worked for some of the UK and Europe’s largest companies and has earned a name for himself, you can contact him via adam@redturtlesoftware.com and can see more on redturtlesoftware.com


UK’S app development sector is making strides within the world market. The sector will only continue to grow and dominate as technology moves forward. The UK provides some of the most impressive companies that secure top notch jobs and have been shown to produce some of the world’s top performing applications. If you are looking for an app company within the region then you will have no trouble finding the best company for you, you can start by doing some more reading about our top six mobile app developers on the UK market.